The Bowood Dog Show completed its 10th and final year in 2015, with the retirement of the founder member the Marchioness of Lansdowne. In that time it raised over £300,000 for local charities.

It is considered a shame to let all the event’s history and goodwill to disappear, so a revamped show is to be organised by Living Heritage with the support of Lord Lansdowne. The event will be organised on a commercial basis with Lord Lansdowne and Living Heritage both making a fixed donation to local charities in the first year.

Further charity benefit will also be achieved as some of the charities involved in past events continue to support and participate, Wiltshire Sight and the Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust who will be continuing to organise some of the dog classes and Pimms bar respectively. The event is obviously changing, it is now a two day show with the aim to develop it into a top quality dog event.

For those of you who don’t know Living Heritage we are organisers of the Wiltshire Game & Country Fair at Bowood, part of the Living Heritage series of Game & Country Fairs, we also organise Craft Shows and Food Festivals across the UK. Over the last eight years the Bowood event has developed into a quality Country Fair. We will be looking to build the Bowood Dog Show using the same techniques used to develop the Country Fair, principally the same advertising package.

We hope exhibitors and supporters of the Bowood Charity Dog Show will embrace the change and continue to support the new Bowood Dog Show. There is also a warm welcome to new exhibitors and organisations wishing to take part in the event.